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    I have been using Bodymake shin guards at about 35USD but they slip around. They have velcro at the back but it does not go through a hole and wrap back. They are pretty basic. Twin shin guards are about 80USD on so I am thinking of going Chinese on alixp.

    The ones I am looking at are
    Kangrui which have rudimentary through and back elastic/Velcro straps but no side padding so I think I will skip them.
    Woosung "Thicken" protectors which only simple straps and seem to have dangerous edges to the foot protectors at about 20USD.
    Pretorian (like mine they only have Velcro straps that fold over rather than going through a hole and folding back so I would rather skip them) at about 25USD -- a lot of shops are selling these but I would rather avoid them.
    Jduanl at about 41USD this have the wrap back strap and they look okay
    Wesing at about 50-60USD depending on the thickness of the padding, again with a wrap back strap and they look okay too.

    Does anyone have any experience with the above?

    I am not interested in being told to get proper stuff.

    I am old weak, and useless, and do martial arts at a low level.
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