Damo Marino's spindly apendages

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    Rounds on the bag and low kick the pillar for 40min

    Loose bag warm up then gi class with main man.
    Moving to back of turtle:
    Have control of uke's upper body> sweep one of their elbows inward and drive opposite side knee into the space> backstep to come to side.
    Half nelson anaconda with lapel and uke arm in:
    Have control of uke's upper body> sweep one of their elbows inward and punch same side hand up under uke and into collar> drive knife edge of opposite hand behind under uke's armpit and weave behind their head> the momentum of these movements plus will help death roll to other side> you are now facing uke with head and arm trapped and a collar grip> shrimp hard keeping your chin on top of their trapped arm> drive 'weave' hand hard behind uke's head and maintain collar grip for choke.
    Shin on neck arm bar of turtle:
    If you are hip to hip with turtle dive for far side arm and pull using kimura grips> dive near side leg over and up under their belly> pull far side leg up and drive shin down onto the back of their neck> swap grips so this side arm has control of their arm> get grip of uke's near side either pants or belt> granby onto shoulder near uke's head forcing uke to roll with you> slip 'shin' leg over their head to complete straight arm bar.
    4*5's and a 4 =24 min rolling.

    Deads, same numbers as last week: 2*8@50 plus bar, 3*5@80 plus bar.
    5*10 hanging leg raises.
    5 down chins=35, need to do amrap next time.
    As little rest as possible between sets.

    Gi class with main man
    We do two sweeps from half:
    Kick knee shield up and reach across for uke's far sleeve> loosen knee shield and punch uke's sleeve to this side twisting their torso> post other hand/ head and use momentum to come up to half.
    I forget the majority details of the second sweep, the end was pulling uke across your body at right angles and doing a reverse roll coming to side control or in their half, you could possibly use the steps above to set it up, I do remember that the down knee had to slide through and the up knee created momentum for pushing then pulling uke across your torso.

    We roll for 5*5's, this week I roll for 49 mins.......
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    5 decent rounds with 50 crunches in the rest

    Some bag and then no Gi class and gi class
    No gi tech is.. defend the single> swing foot to outside and make shield against uke> get underhook of that side arm> push their head down and away> come to the side> donkey kick leg free> keep under hook> swing other hand under chin and pull uke back into you getting darce grips> keep pulling chin and snap/ drop pulling them to turtle> if they attempt to posture change to gable> ensure your elbow is hard into your side to diminish space> drive their trapped arm past their centre and to the outside of your far knee> sit back into full guard for guillotine.
    Colors stay in and whites sit out then swap, I get 3*5's.
    Three gi sweeps using spider, de la riva and lasso.
    I get 6*5's in so that's 50 min rolling.


    Deads: 1*8@40, 1*7@60, 3*5@90, a couple of singles of 70 off plates.....
    Some farmers walk with KB stretching fucked elbow, 5*10 of hanging leg raises, some bridge using rope to assist alternating with crunches, some guard play on the wall.


    Open mat with the homies, drill a little bit then roll increasing intensity and round length, I reckon I rolled for an hour and a half.

    Gi class with the main man, we do open guard arm bar drill then technique of the class:
    Foot on hips sweep when opponent stands> come up to their collar> they look to block with stiff arm> you trap this arm scramble to top and pass shin across the back of their neck going belly down> trap their near side leg and roll through the side closer to their head coming to arm bar position> pass 'shin' foot over head and complete submission> if legs are above uke's head cross the foot near their head under your other, vice versa if your legs are below uke's head, this way they have to fight both legs to escape as opposed to one.

    We start rounds from standing, I look to close distance with third partner and he jumps guard, the timing is off and I hear a loud crunch, I kiss my medial lig goodbye as his weight collapses my knee, I resist the urge to cry for mummy as coach approaches, the team gathers and nods knowingly.

    Hobble off the mat and go to work for half day, pain, osteo, emergency, crutches, MRI, physio, humble pie.

    ....time to learn bench and overhead seated press......
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    This is a study post while I'm off the mats

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    Off to see the gp and a surgeon tomorrow, just came here to say FUCK!!!

    ACL is severely damaged, medial ligament is completely detached, MRI found a large cyst behind the patella, hopefully it's a stitching of the medial and a drain which will be eight weeks minimum.

    I'm hobbling around alternating between one and two crutches, the doc suggested a complete immobilisation but I can't afford the splint, I've ordered a strap support with removable bars so I can use it in training later.

    I've got a kettlebell which I'll do upper body stuff with, pull then press, I better start soon, I'm getting soft....

    Update: Surgeon had a chuckle when he saw my worried look, explained what he saw on the scans and that there's no need for surgery at this stage, still need to take it easy but 6 to 8 weeks and I'll be back at Jits.

    See him again in 6 weeks, wish I saw him first without the GP's referral because the GP really misinformed me....silly cunt, still glad it's not that bad.

    Well it's been a little over two weeks and I'm not on crutches at all, the off the shelf brace I bought is great for support.
    Unfortunately I've also done zero exercise.....tomorrow I'm going to attempt to bike the 13 Mile round trip to work....I'm also going to read back through old posts and see if I can find techs that I can implement with a dickie knee.
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    Did a bike in today, left shortly after 7am and arrived shortly after 8, I'm picking a round trip will be a couple of hours as Im not sprinting and avoiding hills.

    Another day another round trip on the bike, knee feels like jelly but brace is keeping it all together, quads and hammys are good, pushing a bit harder and taking longer routes.
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    Decided stupidly not to wear my brace this morning while on the bike, slid bike out and brace for impact, knee bent inward like a piece of rubber, will have to implement amrap bodyweight stuff this weekend to get back into shape, have been eating really well, am on a diet.............lots of greens and beans and no fat or processed shit.

    Have attempted some body-weight stuff but the weight of my lower leg pulling on my knee is really strange and off-putting, I've had some sharp pain and when I walk around with no brace my knee still has a tenancy to buckle through the sagital plane.......which is a worry.
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    Bike is going ok, have also been doing sessions of various curls with kettle-bell and ohp's.
    When I first got injured the osteo said I had a really tight hip on that side, the hip is still tight and feels awkward when I circle, I'll have to yogafy it.
    I'm not sure what I did but my left hand has also had a dead feeling in it since the same time, I cant grip with any power and it feels really clumsy.
    I think I may have semifucked my whole left side and not realised it as I was focused on the knee, oh well, more shit to work on...
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    Friday arvo knocked off early and bopped into the gym and did some rounds of basic punching, says hi to coach and try to minimise fuss...he good.
    Also say hi to a few other peeps, being away has really given me a perspective of how uptight and trippy some of these cunts are.
    Its also been great to spend more time with my son.

    Monday morn did the same as above and also had the same feels, slowly slowly doing more calisthenics.
    I also put a band around my knee and used it for resistance/ air squats.
    I'm enjoying boxing, my gym has a boxing for MMA class that I might start, I'll also slowly increase the body weight stuff, slowly slowly...............

    Tuesday morn did some curls, ohp, pulls, crunches and air squats, then no gi with the main man, we do bridge> knee in> reguard and overhook arm> pendulum legs to and fro with shrimp> reguard, then roll for four fives. Coach gives me good vibes and welcomes me back as do all other regular partners, so humbling, I pick partners who I trust and they don't smash me stoopid, I mostly frame and reguard.

    Coach hamo advises to do wall sits squeezing ball between my knees.
    Oss and out, I contemplate how lucky I am on the way to work.

    Wednesday my lil dude wants a late night cuddle so I sleep in until 6, do a longer bike to work instead of gym, just as well because the body is a bit achy.

    Thursday bowl in and chat to homies do a few curls and ohp's to warm up, then do no gi class, class is with coach beard so dill, drill, drill, here's the sequence for all, pass and sub options : be low, good posture, down man gives you or you feint to take feet, pull aggressively to get them to fall to their back, one hand controls inside knee, the other slides down other leg to control hip, push knee down and look to two step to that side, if they defend look to lift and drive knee to opposite side to flatten out and face them away, use legs to drive keeping bear posture.
    Option one: drive up hard behind their back with near side knee in between shoulders, get seat belt and get top hook in, pull uke onto you and secure choke arm with own chin, finish.
    Option two: drive up hard behind their back with far side knee, get seat belt, secure top arm with own top arm through and 'answering the phone', other hand secures wrist with monkey, drive knee from shoulder into lat/arm pit, step other foot over staying tight and sitting on uke shoulder, keep arm secure switching to kimura grips, stay tight and fall back at 45 to finish straight arm lock.
    I've noticed their are a few higher belts who either ignore, look irritated or turn their back when I attempt to shake their hand, maybe its a protocol thing? Maybe you're just being a fuckin dick.
    Maybe it's all in my head.....

    One of the brosefs is having a bebe, exciting times ahead.

    Friday warmed up with the usual exercises then do Gi class with the main man, he also got bebe due, #3, he a black belt at havin' bebe's too...
    We do 1) rnc and 2) bow and arrow escapes> 1) fight grip arm at elbow, tuck chin and look down 'through' the elbow, bridge hard and drive weight through their chest, hip escape out in increments in the direction opposite to choke pressure driving butt onto uke's thigh, bridge keeping weigh on uke's thigh and spin into uke's guard....2) fight grip arm at elbow and stretch over head simultaneously straightening uke's arm away, forward hip escaping and turning into guard or side control, remember to keep control of uke's arm or you will be arm barred.

    Then rolled for four fives, forty minutes this week, not bad for a first week back ;)

    Came in for open mat in the arvo and rolled for another three rounds
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    Went into dojo for open mat about 2 hours too early, just a couple of staff there, was nice and quiet so did some of my usual warm up exercises with slightly heavier weights and quite a few more sets.
    Also did a few prehabby exercises which felt great.
    Did a few passing drills on the mma bag, felt really fluid when I needed to be and sticky when I needed to be.
    A couple of the homies have scraps this weekend so I'll aim for them when I want a roll as I know they'll be avoiding going hard/ injury pre fight.
    Had a chat to dude about stuff, was good, felt bod cooling right down and stiffening up, back is being a real shit today, knee feels great lolol.
    Said hi to coach, mind and body are taxed when he arrives so I cant give much except a nod and a lol, my mind is on home as well, aim to get up at 5 each day this week.

    Tuesday had fucked up sleep, hot night and both me and my boy tossing and turning, my temper is a little frayed but I managed to suck it in for class, did no Gi with the main man, we drilled classic mount escape/ recover half, I have this one secure in my nog so no need for notes.
    We then did one man top/ one bottom escape and reset rounds then four * 5min proper rolling rounds.
    I tried to apply some top game, passing etc, felt fluid but not a lot of control.
    what worked for me? Kitch jail pass sans Gi, over under? stack and back step, knee slicey thingy up the ball sack, switching knee on belly, need to secure arm with grips when omoplata, cross facery, triangle and spiderweb from mount, almost triangle from crackhead control, all hip switchery including kesa gatami, snatch turtle with arm in triangle.....sloppy but fun, peeps I rolled with also let me jam and took consideration of knee.

    Wednesday did some gentle movement on the mat and some drills on the stand up bag, I saw wrestler homie doing a fitness class with no partner so I held for him for a couple of rounds, dude has a fight this Friday, just as well he can wrestle......
    Didnt do too much, holding pads was fun but I dont hav time to sync up with someone new and do my own shit as well, there are plenty of trainers who can teach too and do it for a living/ need the $.

    Thursday did no gi with main man, we drill guillotine escape: fight choking hand with same side hand and look toward uke, slide other hand under uke's head and drive shoulder into chin/ throat, tripod and walk to opposite side pulling choke arm away, square up.
    Then rolled for four*5's, I focused on passing half, I'm missing a couple of details somewhere which are preventing the pass, I'll have to look back through my notes to find the main man's techniques, one of the coaches from the sister gym has shown us a no gi one as well, here's one that's similar to what he's taught in gi class that I quite like:

    Friday Gi class with Hanuman, he teaches us escape of rear naked which is identical to what the main man has taught us, usually an opponent will respond by trying to keep top position and coming up so we also do deep half sweep that he's taught before, here are more deets: when you under hook the leg make sure you've got decent enough grips to drag uke's hips to the floor, once you have suck their trapped leg back across closer to their non trapped leg, this will help you turn them over easily, you should be able to come to double unders if youre a clever gai.
    Then we rolled for 5*5's and a 4, I focused on top game without trying to crush or be crushed.

    69mins rolling this week, might try and get in to open mat this arvo tooo....happy
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    Monday, prepared to do some bag work but jiu jitsu'd instead, had another rough nights sleep.
    Did some pressups, stepups and drilling, also had a quick roll, focused on entering into deep half and 50/50, also attempted pass from 50/50, fairly confident I can get to side control easily.

    When I do the deep half sweep I need to be careful of uke coming to my back, I need to slide a knee away to create some base they cant push against or rather stay in a strong single leg type position where I keep good control of the leg forcing them down with my shoulder, I should be able to come to half and possibly even pass if I can switch my other leg back.

    I like the power of the pass below as well.

    In the night time I do hammer curls with bell pointing out and ohp to give forearms a work.

    Tuesday, main man is with his fam so coach beard took class, we do snap down to high elbow guillotine: start from standing> snap head into arm pit changing from one hand on nape to chinstrap control> push ukes other tricep in and keep control running backward dragging uke to mat> knees off floor drive shoulder between their shoulder blades> step thigh to uke's head> move hand from tricep to chin strap hand> drape outside leg over uke's lower back> outside elbow to ceiling> drag hands together and up toward own chest pinching elbows> nighty night.......it's actually more of a pain choke....also when I turn uke onto their back this becomes a can opener. We then play off the wall sitch drills for the rest of the class, no rolling but I need to work on smashing the turtle and forward hip escaping out and back onto single.

    Wednesday did bike through the rain,did the following in half an hour:
    15*hammer curls with tens-12 pressups-5 chins
    12-11-4, 10-10-3, 9-9-3, 8-8-3
    12*hammer curls with 12.5's-10 dive bombers-5 chins
    12-9-5, 12-8-5, 12-7-5, 12-6-5, 12-5-4, 12-4-3, 12-3-2, 12-2-1
    Wear 10KG vest and do 20*air squat/ 5*pushup *5

    Then check my standing posture and how my knee responds to up downs, a few crunches and single kips, white belt homie and coach hamo have a roll so I squeeze in ten with them.

    Bolted through the rain on the bike and hit a corner, was careful turning but bike flew out from under me, oil slick on the road, fell directly on fucked knee with a smash, knee feels fine thank christ and buddha and all the good cats.

    Nighttime I do Senor Gusto's classes, no gi and gi, plenty of lols all round.
    Also my partner used 100% strength and targeted my knee and knew all the things after 2 classes which was really boring and irritating and fuck you're an egg.
    For nogi we do a nice warm up and then pummel into an arm drag to go by> take back> trapped man fights hands and spins out to underhook on one side and whizzer on other> use whizzer to drive to mat so partner turtles> uke stands to defend> cup their throat and draw hands in for ten finger guillotine choke.
    Roll for 4 rounds, not sure how long, maybe 6min.
    For gi we do judo drills to warm up, have partner by collar and sleeve and mimic footwork, then we drill osoto gari which I sit out. Key details are to do a small step in at an angle then do a large reap with your hip above uke's, punch your collar hand through hard when you reap and straight arm bar at the end finish.
    Coach then does a couple of tricky wrist locks that I wont write down as you have to have the knack.
    Then roll for another four rounds......I'm a bit miffed that I have to yell tap for peeps to tap, I've also chosen some vicious sparring partners who crush my ass when I offer my back for fun, all in all I did ok but will have to split my time dominating and escaping, tonight was tough and I'm sore.

    A little under 50 minutes sparring tonight.

    Thursday morn I do no gi with coach beard, we 'go by' with three finger grip of tricep> other arm has uke's head> switch to palm down/ elbow up and fend arm past you while turning own head away> this will offer the right momentum and angle to come to uke's side/ back end> use arm trapping uke's head to pull them around and down to mat putting other hand in uke's pocker coming hip to hip> use close knee to drive into uke's achillis> drive up behind their back changing to seat belt with S grips> pull on top and through with bottom until arm is all the way through trapping uke's top arm against their neck in a tight triangle> put your ear against theirs and flatten uke to their back and yourself hips down> 'walk' toward uke's head to complete, you can also mata leao with arm in.

    One round with partner and out.
    I rolled for just over an hour this week.
    I ache but it's probably from shit sleep and canning off the bike.

    Friday arvo I do a little bag and try out an escape from north/south to get to uke's back then stretch the pins.
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    Monday morn I do a little bag and some press-ups then stretched the shoulders, too many distractions including my busy mind, moving house in a week so I'll be doing a 40km round trip each day on the bike which will go in for a service next Month, suppose I better clean it....I'll do some hammers and ohp's tonight.
    I'm going to start smashing the body weight stuff now, do at least one session a day.

    Tuesday bolt in on the bike pretty quick, dorks passing on their city bikes reaffirms I need to get some slicks and a rigid fork and and and and.......there's a lot of kinetic energy passing into the earth.
    Do OHP's, curls, and push downs with a few ginger step ups on the injured knee only, then a few sets of push ups.
    No gi with coach beard, we do knee on belly to wrestling style mount, knee on belly defense and situational drilling, I missed the free roll portion of class to get to mahi on time.
    Coach advises to focus on sitting erect with strong posture when you have opponent under your knee, if they defend fight their hands pass your foot over and tie your feet, spread your arms and use your knees and hands as base with hips down.
    If you try to pass to mount without controlling hands you'll get swept.
    To defend knee on belly arm drag opposite arm with wrist and tricep control, crunch, bridge and hip bump hard tossing uke to the side they have control on, shrimp out and take the leg that was knee on belly with near side hand coming to the outside of uke's hip, dont dive back in as you might dive into a triangle, guard or get swept, just come to combat base and look to pass.

    Here's a thing to watch...

    Wednesday bopped in to the gym and did a few warm up drills then had a super stiff roll with another white belt, it kinda sucked, dude needs to relack, it'll come....or not, then had a flowy kinda roll with coach hamo, 25 min rolling all up with around 10 minutes chatting about a basic pass and super simple escape from bow and arrow.

    Wednesday night I go in and chuck tin, mostly pulling movements, then do gi class with senor gusto, we do a gentle roll then we do arm bars and chokes from closed guard, I like them all but this is tight: Sweep uke's elbows toward you to put their hands on the mat and break their posture> use gable to keep posture broken and goose neck the arm you want to bar with the opposite hand at the inner elbow> pull their lapel out with your other hand at the torso on the same side> put your foot on the mat on this side> feed the lapel across their back to the goose neck hand and secure at the wrist with your other> shrimp to that side putting your hips under their elbow> drape the foot that was on the floor over uke's neck> release the lapel and grab uke's hand> pinch your knees and hip up to complete.
    Then roll for a couple of longish rounds, got power swept a couple of times it no feel nice.

    Thursday morn with coach beard we do an ankle pick and fake pick to snap down moving to the back, then rol for 3*5's.
    Deets for the pick are to have same foot forward and make contact with the floor with your entire arm> use your head on the inside of the knee and the other hand on the outside of the hip to propeller uke to the mat> come to combat base (I need to sit on my heels more)

    Friday we do pull guard to omo> go collar and sleeve and drive foot into same side hip as sleeve> pull hard and swing other foot away> square up and hip up keeping sleeve and collar> drive outside knee up onto uke's shoulder and shrimp out and in getting under them, driving knee down using the tension to pull them down> swing your leg over uke's arm and swap sleeve grips> use your free hand grasp uke's pants and drive them away, this will help flatten them out> pull yourself back into uke and cross your ankles> dog leg uke's trapped arm and sit up and across the shoulders at a 45 to finish.
    I sit out pull guard game then we roll for 2*5's and 1*4.

    66min rolling this week.
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    Hope the house move goes OK mate, keep on truckin'
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    Monday I bowl in the arvo and do various pushing and pulling movements including ohp, pressups, curls and gi pulls.
    I amrap and burn my arms and tits off.

    Tuesday do no gi with beard, we drill, drill, drill.
    Kneecut> uke defends> headquarters> window wiper over shin and drive knee away>come to back.
    Tree showed me deets for knee cut: keep knee close to uke's hip and don't cut all the way through> if they z guard/ shield tip them to their back by pushing hip and get your elbow and arm back inside.
    Defense of knee cut: reach under with far side and grasp knee cut foot at heel> pull out, away and take back.
    Top man can strip this hand away and pull arm up when passing to kesa gatami.
    Top man can also stand into headquarters and kick this foot back keeping shin connected and control of leg> window wiper leg over and come to outside of uke> drive their knee to mat coming to their back.
    Then we do situational drills and roll for one round of 4.
    I'm getting peeved as everyone kicks at and wrenches my fucked knee to try and do shitty sweeps, need to get some strength back in so I can feel 100 percent confident to fight, passing low will have to be the way to go for a while and I'll continue to pick my partners and use some grey matter in my rolls.



    Wednesday morn do some of the above, felt really good to wind everything right down, then had a roll with wrestler homie, we both went easy swapping superior positions, my dude from last week broke a toe so no show.
    Wednesday eve I chuck some tin then do gi class with senor gusto:

    We drilled this as one continuous movement swapping positions, then rolled for 3 rounds of who knows how long, the timer went on all and coach ignored it, by round two I decelerated to a good pace.

    Thursday morn we drill Z guard with coach beard, we also do deep half type sweep and sit up kimura from guard.
    When you're bottom man monkey uke's far side arm at the bicep> get the near side under hook and dive under their far side thigh to monkey their instep> pin their foot against their back side and roll to the opposite side to sweep> as you come up kick your leg out of their half and come to side or leg drag position> if you create space or uke postures sit up hard up to and off to their side> under hook the near side so your hand rests on their now far lat> move the other hand from bicep control to wrist and dive across to figure four/ kimura> if they granby to escape roll with them and come on top to S mount.
    We do a couple of rolls focusing on the knee shield and then I get my dudu pushed in testing myself against athletes.
    Sokay, sometimes you win....sometimes you get your dudu pushed in.

    Friday morn hanuman takes us for class: we drill basic single X guard sweep then roll for 5*5's.
    I reckon I rolled for around an hour and a half this week, when my knee gets stronger I'll try and pass high and low, it's fun and seems effective.
    I've been incorporating a bit of band work to warm the limbs and prehab, it's great, I need to do a couple of circuits this weekend.
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    So over the past week and a bit I've been moving house, I managed to get in to the main man's class which consisted of comp rounds and an open mat, I also did a couple of minor weight sessions and some band work, the bike into the gym from my new place is 35min, then another 10 to work. 150km a week.
    I probably got 10*5's in this week.

    The main man is on the mat, he rolls with everyone and crushes at will.
    Tuesday I do coach beards class, we drill single x, sweep, 1) reguard when the outside hook is stripped and top man walks around and 2) reguard when top man smashes.
    The reguards are 1) hip escape out and away through space to realign with top mans leg and 2) frame against the leg moving to your head to spin and realign with leg.
    3*5's - first roll was with beard who moved and controlled me and second and third I picked partners who were a challenge but not any more technically advanced.

    Have been rolling a little more aggressively and my knee has been ok, the homies have been keeping an eye out for me too osssssssssssssss

    Wednesday only had about four hours sleep and woke with the cold sweats/ feverish, the main man is taking class tonight, very good, senor gusto is reffing at adcc, gouku is taking the no gi class and hanuman is sergeant at arms on the mat.
    1) We do de la riva > berimbolo> back take and 2) de la hiva> berimbolo> mount.
    The key points are: 1) get as deep as you can with the DLR and off to one side> keep your knee hard up against and rigid to the back of uke's knee or they will sit back and knee bar you> ensure you have a collar and a pants grip and switch to both pants grip once you sweep uke to their back> invert and hook behind uke's far leg with your non DLR leg> have pants grip and keep tension> change other grip to the centre/ back of uke's collar and arch your back to bring them to the ideal position> finish with seatbelt. 2) when you're inverted keep collar grip and backward granby onto nearer shoulder> you will come to mount.
    Rolled for 5*5's.
    Got home and felt wrecked, I was ill all day at work and the longer bike is fucking me up mentally, I'll either adjust or re assess, I'll have to get some kind of recovery/ meal replacement as I was too worn to consume.

    I've been having real issue finding a way to pass low to protect my knee, I asked hanuman and he's suggested to start standing but low with my legs sprawled out behind me (bear crawl) walk around and then use pressure to complete.

    He pointed out that I need to be wary of triangles and arm bars but eventually I'll work out how to avoid and overcome.

    Feel unwell again today, need to stay hydrated.
    Thursday do coach beards class: we do ashi garami > sweep and sit up to combat base and two on one wrist control> arm drag to ashi garame and change non hooking leg to a butterfly to sweep.....self explanatory....4*5 rounds and off to work.

    Hanuman advised to find a sub and spam it, get to a point where I can sub everyone with it and then start getting countered, counter those counters and develop from there.

    I take Friday off, get so sick I get down to my ideal weigh division in Gi (76kg), come back the Tuesday following for an open mat and roll for 6*5 min rounds, my shifts are all super early starts so gonna do weights, drill, prehab work for the week and come back to regular classes next week.

    Wednesday I rock in at the end of work and do OHP, DB curls and pulls and alternate snatch and press practice with toss bag, I also fuck around drilling some td's supplanting a partner arm with a hanging battle rope.


    The following is an article from old mate I got my bb in four years, he trains with one of ozzys best....kitch jail, worth the arkiv:

    If you train hard you need to be on creatine. Not only will it help you build muscle, it’ll also protect your heart. Forget all the negative opinions you hear about it – it’s one of the safest, most effective and well-researched supplements on the market. Basically, creatine allows your muscles to contract harder, and for longer. It’s pretty obvious that even a small increase in the contractile force of your muscles might be the difference between finishing an opponent with a choke or being able to crank out the last few reps in your conditioning routine.

    There are several types of creatine available, including monohydrate and ethyl esther. I find monohydrate works just fine – and I use it in capsule format because it’s easier to take that way than in powdered form.

    Using supplements has helped me maintain low body fat throughout my jiu-jitsu career
    2. OMEGA-3’S
    Research has shown that diets rich in Omega-3 fats are associated with superior heart, brain and circulatory health – all systems which you need functioning optimally for for decent performance on the mat. I’ve noticed that it has a generalized anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which is beneficial for the jiu-jiteiro in hard training. I also find fish oil helps keep my joints and skin in good shape.

    Keep in mind that a lot of low grade Omega-3 supplements can be rancid or contain pcb’s, so always research the product you intend to purchase. Make sure the ones you choose are in the triglyceride form. I’ve used several good brands over the years and the MorEPA brand is the best I’ve found.

    ‘How I got my BJJ Black Belt in 4 Years.’– Read the Black Belt Blueprint by Nic Gregoriades.

    Download Now

    Magnesium replaces Vitamin C on this list. This amazing mineral is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions and is found in all of your tissues. It has multiple benefits but the ones we’re most interested in as jiu jitsu guys are improvement in sleep quality and muscle relaxation. When I take magnesium I sleep more deeply – no two ways about it. The muscle relaxing effect also really helps me unwind after an intense training / sparring session. Unfortunately, many forms of magnesium is difficult to absorb when taken orally. According to my research and what I’ve been told by experts that the threonate form is best.

    4. VITAMIN D3
    When you’re sick it means you can’t train. Dojo mats and training partners expose you to far higher amounts of germs and bacteria than the average person ever experiences, so it’s vital that your immune system is as strong as it can be. Vitamin D3 plays a major role in keeping your immune system healthy. Researchers are continually reporting that low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with one disease after another. Most of us (especially those of us that don’t get enough natural sunlight on our skin) are deficient.

    You can easily solve this by taking 5-10 thousand ius per day.

    Hydrolyzed Collagen is unique in its amino acid structure because of its high amounts of glycine, lysine and proline, which are found in lower amounts in other protein food supplements. These particular amino acids are found to generate cell growth faster because the natural ability to produce supporting amounts of connective tissue diminishes after the age of 25.

    Collagen is more easily digested in the hydrolyzed form because of its low molecular weight and is absorbed within 30 minutes. I have noticed a major difference in the health of my joints in particular since I started using it.

    “Green Foods” is a general term which refers to products that are made from extracts of algae, fruit, vegetables and other plants.

    They serve to alkalize, energize and nourish the body’s cells along with balancing the body’s pH level eliminate toxins such as heavy metals, which can weaken our tissues and lead to disease over time. The phyto-nutrients found in green foods are full of anti-oxidants and plant-based vitamins and minerals. They help to detoxify and cleanse the body

    Quality green drink supplements can be expensive as hell but they are actually quite economical. Each serving has the nutritional equivalent of eating many servings of fruits and vegetables that you otherwise might not be able to fit into your diet. I literally feel better on the days I drink one. If you don’t want to buy a pre-made one, check out are article on juicing for jiu jitsu.

    B-Vitamins do a wide range of important things in your body, from helping your cells grow properly to metabolising fat, carbs and protein into energy. I notice a marked improvement in my energy levels when I’m taking a good B-Complex supplements, which comes in handy when I’m training hard.

    The B-vitamins, like Vitamin C, are water-soluble, and are not stored in the body. This means that they are required daily to ensure the body maintains healthy levels. Because an insufficiency in one B vitamin typically means a deficiency in another, it is vital the B vitamins be taken together.

    Health starts and ends in the gut. If you are not processing your food properly you can run the risk of being malnourished. Adding digestive enzymes to your meals helps you break down and process your food much more effectively, allowing you to absorb as many of the nutrients as possible. Since I’ve added enzymes to my diet, I’ve lost fat, improved my digestion and just experienced an overall feeling of well-being.

    I use the ‘Super Enzymes’ product by Now Foods – it has a good mixture or ingredients and is well-priced too.

    Green Tea is one of the best fat-burners I’ve found – it’s perfect for the guy who wants to drop a few pounds so that he can be a bit more agile on the mat. Also, a recent studyshowed that the antioxidants in green tea can offset the oxidative stress induced by strenuous workouts (i.e. jiu-jitsu). This means quicker recovery from physical exertion and diminished free-radical damage incurred during training.

    Try to choose a product that is decaffeinated so it comes without any of the ‘jittery feeling’ that ephedra-based thermogenics and regular green tea supplements can cause.

    Ever have trouble remembering your techniques? A Nootropic supplement might help. Also referred to as ‘smart drugs’ or ‘memory enhancers’, nootropics work by altering the availability of the brain’s supply of neurochemicals (neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones), by improving the brain’s oxygen supply or stimulating nerve growth. This can result in clearer thinking and better memory.

    I use a product called Neuro Optimizer by Jarrow because it provides a good combination of several effective nootropics combined with an energising pre-training formula.
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  17. ngarauru

    ngarauru nga ariki o nga kahui maunga

    Jul 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Monday morn I do bear crawl, bridge, knee on belly, window wiper, triangle, crunch, ohp, clean and press, push ups... maybe 40mins work across an hour.
    My hips are super stiff, I didnt wear my knee brace today, knee was clicky and wobbly, I think that's life now....

    Do hanumans class in the evening:
    We drill fundamental flower and scissor sweeps.

    Keys for flower are getting solid grips of pants and sleeve grips, one on each side> sitting up hard to then pull uke onto you via pulling sleeve grip across your chest> pendulum one leg away and kick the hamstring of the other into uke's torso close to the arm pit> come to the top keeping grips primarily controlling arm.

    Scissor is one grip collar and one grip sleeve> sit up and yank uke onto your knee shield with the other leg on the outside of their other knee> drag sleeve and punch collar and sweep to side of sleeve arm> come to the top keeping grips primarily controlling arm.
    Then we warm up properly and do de la riva and single spider hook sweep as well as the inverted version when uke defends.

    From open guard take sleeve grips with feet on hips and slide hips away in one direction> drive foot deep into spider on opposite side and kick de la riva deep behind uke's hamstring> shift non spider grip to that leg and hip up and drive hard> circle trapped leg over and do forward technical stand up while keeping grips> come to knee on belly dominating arm.

    If uke takes big step forward to defend get a deep hook with your arm of the de la riva'd (sic) leg pulling and spinning yourself under uke's backside using the momentum to drive spider hook hard sweep/ roll them in the opposite direction to the first sweep> do forward technical stand up while keeping grips> come to knee on belly dominating arm.

    Then roll for 5*5's.

    Tuesday morn do beards class, when we're playing open guard and sitting on our haunches handfighting beard shows us to ankle pick the 'nfl leg' and push the head of uke, if we're looking to pass the open guard we must control uke's ankles and get them to the flat of their back, win the hand battle, control the ankles, control the knees, control the hips, we practice scrambles and passing open guard then roll for 2*5's.

    Wednesday morn I drill passing movement on the bag, top man movements on the swiss ball, leg entanglement with hanging battle rope, ohp's with kettles and pull downs with 2/3's of my bw.
    Wednesday night I do some chuck tin, all of my usual pulling exercises adding a few kg from previous week, I also ladder some pushups, then do Gi class with prof Falciroli.

    He takes us through a sweep from half> triangle legs and frame against uke as they drive into you and come up to the outside of their hip> grasp uke's tail with outside arm and post on other elbow and forearm> pull the bottom of uke's gi out with this hand and feed to your other hand between uke's legs> ensure you only grasp the collar section as this will make your grip easier if you need to keep it for a long period and fight> slide the top leg of your triangle away and drive the other knee into uke's buttock> simultaneously drive your head into uke's lower ribcage> use your free hand to grasp uke's far knee and pull> sweep.

    Then we do situational drill> top man can sub> bottom man must sweep.
    Then we roll for 3 extended rounds, I move a little better against hanuman, bike home like a happy zombie.

    Thursday morn do no gi class with coach beard: we do snap down from standing> one arm single clinch of uke's head elbow in and driving hard into chest> other arm has three finger grip on outside of arm deep in uke's arm pit> drive uke away hard then snap back when they respond sprawling out coming to control with chinstrap.

    We play this switching partners then move to sub> drag uke's arm to you and shift hands to gable on that side pinching the arm in with your elbows> this will also keep head control> keep your head up and shoulder down> roll over to the side of the trapped arm driving uke to their back> slowly snake your bottom arm though to grasp uke's lat with your other hand to the crook of the first elbow> suck your arms together to choke> to squeeze hard walk around to come to hip on hip with uke. Then roll for 4*5's and fuck off to work.

    Friday do Gi class with prof. Stefanutti: we do arm in triangle with collar from closed guard.
    Break uke's posture by clawing up lapel and knocking them forward with your knees> keep slack in lapel then drive hand into the back of the collar thumb up and pressing jugular> drive forearm across front of throat> uke defends by pushing this arms elbow with their hand> use your other hand to reach over and across to grip sleeve/elbow of that arm and trap between your chest and theirs> keep collar grips strong and collar grip arm in position> reach up and pull uke's head down into their trapped arm/ shoulder> if you need to hip escape slightly and square up closing guard> stretch legs away and pull collar and head hard to complete.
    4*5's and a 4.

    Oss to the main man. Oss to the brosefs and sistren.

    Around 100mins of rolling time this week.
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  18. ngarauru

    ngarauru nga ariki o nga kahui maunga

    Jul 18, 2008
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    I'm no longer going to enter my rolling time, as a quantative stat its not a complete representation of rolling.
    Instead I'll focus on one or two take-aways/ improvements from the time.

    Monday morn I arrive at the gym later than usual so just do some drills on the bag:
    I slow down and do pressure/ backstep pass to back a la Caio Terra
    From sitting in open to frame collar hip up and explode forward to catch triangle
    Practice sweep movement from prof. Falciroli's last class

    Then do prof. Vela's class in the eve:
    We do knee cut through half coming to knee on belly then arm bar:
    Uke has both feet on hips> take grips of pants on inside of knees> pick a side and drive opposite knee to inside of that thigh pushing uke's leg to floor> the hand of the cutting knee stays inside uke's leg driving down to and controlling the hip> switch the other grip to uke's down arm taking an overhook> switch the hip hand to an under hook> have your non knee slice foot in a medium distance post and your head position on the near side> driving hip down and forward release trapped foot> if you have to switch your free foot back and kick uke's thigh to help release> > drive uke's bottom arm up with your far arm then switch to cross face> other arm is now far arm and keeps underhook> near arm pulls trapped arm up at tricep> previously trapped leg comes to knee on belly> take belt grip with underhook hand slide shin up across uke's chest until foot is in near side armpit> keep lifting trapped arm and lean to uke's other side circling other leg around head> pinch knees and pull arm back> take two on one control and complete.
    Spinning arm bar if bottom man defends knee on belly hook defending arm by looping own far arm in the gap presnt between their torso and behind their defending arm> do a large backstep over uke's head and straighten their arm> pinch knees taking two on one to complete.

    We also did reverse de la riva pass to mount> rdlr is outside hook in front of thigh at 45 to hip> inside hook deep in hamstring> you must be on your side to allow the inside hook to pull behind uke's knee> inside hook side hand reaches through to get pants grips of trapped leg.

    Up man takes inside pants grip of outside hook and outside pants grip of inside hook> dislodge outside hook from hip with elbow and take two large steps in that direction kicking out of uke's hand grip and driving legs to the mat> the knee of the leg that was hooked by uke's hand drives behind and between uke's legs to the mat> your outside leg posts at a medium distance> your outside arm will take an overhook of uke's arm with your head on that side> your other arm will come to an under hook of uke's other arm and you will slowly grind to mount.
    If uke defends by pushing on your head drop the shin of your posted leg across uke's legs and switch your legs back so you come behind their hips> take seatbelt.

    Tuesday morn do Mr Le Gourrierecs sub grappling class:
    We do a side control escape> snake frames inside against uke's throat and hips> do large bridge and drive out hip escape squaring up to guard> alternate bridge attempt with pendulum feet away and then toward uke> reach up with top arm and take grip at elbow of the arm that has your head underhooked> frame away hard and hip escape/ sit away.

    I've done a few decent Tozi passes recently> I need to get some more mobility in my hip to help when I step over to break uke's guard.
    Once I come to side I need to drive the knee forward aggressively to ensure I get reverse kesa> this will help guarantee the dominant position.
    Once in the dominant position II could attempt the arm bar from knee on belly.

    Wednesday morning there's not a lot of space: I do a few Judo type drills attempting foot work with bands, deep air squat and choke my hamstring to try and get some action in my hips.
    Wednesday night do my weights sesh, prof. Falciroli is away getting surgery so prof. Vela takes gi class.
    We do turtle smash to back take to choke and to crucifix to choke.
    Be hip to hip with turtle and take shoulder grips> switch to seat belt> under hand protects choking hand> outside foot is posted at medium distance> stay as tight as possible to uke with your head next to theirs> granby over your outside shoulder dragging them with you coming to their back> get both feet hooks in and re position hands to uke's collar> choke hand slides across ukes throat deep into their collar> the under hand switches further down the lapel and pulls downward to take out the slack> the choke hand drags the collar across to complete.
    Be hip to hip with turtle and take shoulder grips> switch to seat belt> under hand protects choking hand> outside foot is posted at medium distance> stay as tight as possible to uke with your head next to theirs> drive inside knee in hard to uke's torso coming close to their head as possible> take outside posted leg and loop around uke's arm sweeping it outward> triangle legs to trap arm simultaneously switching seatbelt to kimura of far arm> stay as tigh as possible and shoulder roll coming to uke's back.

    Thursday morning I do Mr Le Gourrierecs sub grappling class:
    We do single collar tie to snap down, uke defends, up man gets to crucifix with kimura.
    Drive opponent with single collar and three finger grip in outside of armpit> when they resist snap and switch collar tie to chin strap control turtling them out> down man sinks back into their heels and uses momentum to spring forward> down man posts one foot outside and comes to a knee> post side arm circles upmans thigh> knee needs to stay mobile and do small hops in the direction of up man> down man circles this side away and turns head out of danger coming side to side with up mans torso taking the single> to defend up man sprawls on the side down man is attempting to attack> up man reaches over ukes shoulders for kimura grips of far arm simultaneously swinging near side knee into down mans torso> loop outside leg around downmans arm and roll coming to down mans back> if down man attempts to sit up drive their hand toward their groin> keep elbow in the middle of your chest to maintain control.

    Friday do Gi class with prof. Stefanutti, we do smash turtle to bow and arrow:
    We do similar back take method to prof. Vela's class> when coming to back and getting hooks in one hook goes on and the other traps uke's arm> simultaneously switch from seat belt to opposite side choke grips and take pants grips> swing away to finish.

    Oss to the professor, oss to the brothers and outie like maui.
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  19. ngarauru

    ngarauru nga ariki o nga kahui maunga

    Jul 18, 2008
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    I'm on the early shifts at work this week so this week is an off class week.
    When I'm rostered on early shifts I'll do more solo drilling, remedial work and yoga fire....yoga flame.

    Monday I do my upper body volume session then airdyne to stay warm and try and dig into my rhomboid to soften it up while I wait for prof. Vela's class to start.

    Fundamental smash turtle with one driving knee and seatbelt to take back> uke defends back take by stripping far hook to slide across thigh and out > switch seat belt to far side underhook of arm driving in as far as possible> step over and drive the heel of your foot into uke> you can switch to S mount here but if uke turns into you to attempt to defend> drive your knee under the underhooked arm pulling them up and onto their side> switch your other knee up to change to S mount> drive other heel into arm pit> keep foot flat and drop weight into uke’s shoulder> keep hips hard against shoulder> squeeze knees together> pull arm straight and change grips to complete bar.

    We do fundamental smash turtle to take back again> reach behind uke’s head and push it to one side with your tricep taking grips of one arm> switch grips to kimura> your foot on this side goes all the way across uke and hooks to pin them> swing your other leg away and hip escape to come perpendicular to uke> keep shrimping away until you can free your leg and swing it over uke’s head> if uke grasps hands to defend bar drive the elbow into the centre of your chest and twist their hand towards their head> straighten arm out and switch grips to finish> one on wrist and one on thumb.
    Only do the technique portion of the class then bike home.

    The mrs calls an ambulance tonight as I'm writhing around on the floor trying to pass a kidney stone fuckya.
    It looks like I'll have to give up my only vices.

    Wednesday I bolt to our other gym.
    I do a few hard shots on the bag and then head to the mats to try and open my hips and relieve some tension in my back.
    Then do prof. Stefanutti's fundamentals class.
    We do the arm bars, simple collar choke from back, half nelson choke from back and bow and arrow from previous lessons.
    There are a a couple of concepts for the second two chokes that I need to bear in mind.
    I feel that can be alternated between the techniques depending on the situation and opportunity.
    For half nelson start on uke's back with hooks in and seat belt> adjust grips for single collar choke> drive under hooking arm up and push flat of hand behind uke's head> this hand pushes and the collar hand pulls> instead of flattening out make an L shape post with your far side bottom leg> site uke back onto the knee and then pinch your knees together.
    For bow and arrow sit/do a slight scoot away from uke to create some distance> instead of flattening out make an L shape post with your far side bottom leg> sit uke back onto the knee and then pinch your knees together.
    If you want to flatten out for the bow and arrow or get more torque for the half nelson you can swing your far side hook around uke's far arm to trap.

    Friday I try a new lift - the pinch grip deadlift - just smash it until my arms are alight
    Then do back step and bear crawl drills on the mma bag for however long to give the legs a bit of ouchness

    Muthafuckin oss
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  20. ngarauru

    ngarauru nga ariki o nga kahui maunga

    Jul 18, 2008
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    Monday afternoon I do my usual upper body lifting routine, I add a couple of kgs for all and add the clean and press with a heavier bell, I also negate pushups and add in push downs to finish.
    Then do prof Vela's fundamental gi class where we go over the same subs as previous lessons.
    Then do the regular class, we do tech if uke sits up to defend kimura/ arm bar: keep tight grips and control of kimura> face direction of uke then turn away face down> you can complete kimura here> if uke defends by shoulder rolling you can use the momentum to come to straight arm bar position.

    Wednesday I go to prof Stefanutti's class, beforehand I do a bit of bag throwing whips and teeps.
    We do traditional movements to warm up plus basic single leg drill> collar and sleeve grips and drive uke away> uke resists you drop to lead knee on outside of their lead leg> scoop leg and trap between thighs> bow chest into thigh away from standing leg OR scoop leg and trap between thighs> step your inside leg to outside uke's leg and squat simultaneously straightening uke's leg out across your knee> drop chest onto leg and they should fall to avoid knee bar> come to leg drag position.
    In class we do:
    Mount> uke defends by turning away> S mount with seat belt> drive uke's head away with hand> lean out toward their hips> bar OR both hands under on back to S mount> one hand switches to behind uke's head the other drives in front as deep as possible> this hand takes inside grip of other hands sleeve> other hand knifes deep and pushes> hand with grip pulls to complete Ezekiel.
    There are transitions that I missed but the Gist of the subs are there.

    Friday arvo I come in for open mat, I row for a couple of rounds to get the heart rate up and then alternate sets of triangles a sprawls, then a couple of hundred crunches.
    Then do the comp class with prof. Stefanutti:
    We do various take down and situational drills then roll.
    Great to see the level you have to be at to compete.
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