Ultimate Sherdog Classics, Memes and Legends

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    Here is a random list of Sherdog classics and legends. Feel free to add more. Great ones will be added here. Please also give a brief summary and a link if possible.

    Thanks to Homeless Infant part two is in the second post (i ran out of space).

    Jim Cozad

    Once upon a time Randy Couture was one of the most respected fighters in the world. He came out of retirement to defeat Tim Sylvia (then the current HW champion) and he held the LHW belt a couple of times. Then this photo came up from Randy’s highschool yearbook. His classmate Jim Cozad was also on the picture and instantly became a Sherdog meme avant la lettre. At one point Jim Cozad almost had godlike status. He was the new Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee combined. This guy actually bullied Randy Couture when he was young. We probably will never know if the legends are true, but that made Jim Cozad a true Sherdog Legend.


    Just Bleed guy

    October 17th, 1997, James Ladner made history by becoming the “Just bleed guy” during UFC 15. He flexed his muscles and represented basically all bloodthirsty mma fans from then on. Hated by mma purists, loved by everyone who loves violence. This true legend would later on be jailed for acting as a fence for stolen farm equipment. What made this moment even more classic: the Casino Magic Bay in St. Louis where this event took place doesn’t exist anymore. It was destroyed during hurricane Katrina. The just bleed guy might be the most iconic figure in MMA even today.


    Uber Topicstarter

    Also a true Sherdog classic without any doubt. Uber Topicstarter became famous when posting a picture where he dwarfed Frank Mir. Rumors are UberTS is actually Kristian van Kiel, but to us he will always be remembered as Uber Topicstarter. His current whereabouts are unknown. But legends say he is still dwarfing anyone he meets.

    UberTS dwarfing Barnett because dwarfing Mir was not enough

    I survived Yamma

    Yamma was one of the worst ideas in mma ever (besides the MMA/armwrestling thingie). It was announced as a revolutionary way of fighting because of the tilted sides of the cage. It turned out to make takedown defence almost impossible and basically all fights became lay n pray snoozefests. The ring announcer seriously needed some meds and the commentary was so awkward it became funny. Yamma was such a big dizaster in every possible way that everyone who watched it needed a few weeks to recover. To get over this trauma victims would use the signature “I survived Yamma”, just to make sure relatives and friends knew they were ok.


    Old Sherdog

    Old Sherdog is just old Sherdog.. not much to say here…


    Oldschool Sherdog promo videos

    Back in the days Sherdog used to make videos promoting just a single fighter. There is a whole series with Bas Rutten, Ken Shamrock, Vitor Belfort etc. and they were amazing. A lot of violence, metal and blood. These videos were at one point in time the only mma on youtube. Let that sink in.

    Met BJ at the airport

    One of the most classic and also most defining threads on Sherdog ever. It was basically very simple: tom069 (still an active member) claimed he met BJ Penn at LAX airport in 2006. Sherdog was quick to find out he was full of shit since BJ was in Anaheim at that time. That is all there is to it, but it started hundreds of threads from people meeting fighters at the airport. Sherdog even used the “I met X at the airport” in their forum rules.. these threads are still forbidden an wastelanded.

    The thread that started it all is still around:


    Rich Franklins black eye

    Not everyone will remember Rich Franklin (sad enough, he was an awesome fighter until Silva destroyed him twice in a row). Even more people will not remember the fact Rich ALWAYS had a black eye. His black eye at one point was more famous than Rich himself. Journalists used to ignore Rich completely and just ask the questions to his black eye. His black eye even had a Sherdog account. A true Sherdog legend without a doubt.



    Even though a true star in his home country Japan (he is both a famous fighter and singer), his true fans are here on Sherdog. Forget your Sage mancrush, Sexyama is where it’s at. Even the most heterosexual alpha males feel some swelling after seeing a glance of Sexyama. Thanks to Sherdog Sexyama is now even his official nickname. #nohomo #maybealittle


    Kenny Florian Quotes

    Probably the most recent classic in this list. Kenny Florian wrote a piece about Dillashaw – Cruz (UFC fight night 81). It turned out he copied (stole) most parts of it from boxing analyst Lee John Wylie. Since then it is tradition to attribute historical quotes or proverbs to Kenny Florian.

    “I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman” – Kenny Florian

    “Ich bin ein Berliner” – Kenny Florian


    Photoshoop / Shadface / Bispingface

    This needs no further explanation. The two most photoshopped pictures EVERRR. Just google Sherdog photoshoop and there is enough material to ride the orient express and never be bored.


    Groundhog expert

    Because it was mentioned in this thread a few times i decided to add this one. I missed the thread completely, but it seems it went like this: guy posted a video where a groundhog made an (obviously editted) sound. Our fellow Sherbro Volund then replied with: "thats not the groundhog making that noise, seriously. is it?". Of course people laughed at him, and then Volund replied with the apparently classic reply:

    "Fuck you guys, I'm no groundhog expert.

    And if it's not the sound the ghog makes, then why is it funny? Could have put better sounds in there than people's names."

    I lol'd. no idea how much a meme, classic or legend this became, but i added it anyway. Thread AND VIDEO OF SAID GROUNDHOG is here:


    Shoop that Incredulous Cormier

    As a Dutch native, i still have no idea what incredulous means, and i refuse to google it. Alongside Shadface and Bispingface this is probably the most shooped thing on Sherdog. The thread is a sticky and still alive after all these months. A true Sherdog classic no doubt.



    The i just got married thread

    Fellow Sherbro CrumBum married his girlfriend of 5 years in 2008. Even though he has a beautiful wife Sherdog decided it was time to roast him for it. The result was an epic thread with almost 100 pages full of insults. The original thread still exists, even though all pictures are removed. Thank god half of Sherdog still has the picture today for masturbation purposes.



    I met Matt Hughes

    In 2009 our fellow Sherdogger Unpassable (his account has been deleted now) met Matt Hughes. It is really hard to explain why this thread is a Sherdog classic, but it is. You just have to see the thread and feel it i guess.. or not.. Deserves a spot on this list.



    Huge if true

    Sometimes it's hard to say what items are real and what items are fake. If in doubt, and the news is important, Sherbro's can use "Huge if true". Sometimes it is not clear if news is huge, in that case we use "True if huge"

    Disclaimer: this meme has nothing to do with Matt Hughes. He was actually a small little fella.

    My friends say i look like fighter X threads (Anthony Pettis original)

    A thread title that still occurs a lot on Sherdog, but the whole idea was started by fellow Sherbro RoninJin. And yes i have to admit, he actually looks like Pettis. The true gold, as with most classic Sherdog threads, is obviously in the comments.



    The eggplant will salute other pigeons

    Not the biggest classic but it is my thread so whatever. This is actually a true story: during the Weidman - Belfort weigh in things got heated and Weidman said something to Vitor but no one could hear what is was. My nephew actually can lipread so i sent him the video. According to him the following was said by Weidman:

    "You are cheating, you have always cheated, you should *not visible* again. Don't pretend. The eggplant will salute other pigeons."

    We still have no idea what Weidman ment with that.



    Greatest moments in MMA history recreated in MS Paint

    Way back in 2009 Sherbro Tooth and Nail came with the original idea to recreate historic mma moments in Paint. Everyone who ever worked with paint knows that is a tough job. The results were AWESOME to say the least. Since then this has been a Sherdog tradition. The original thread seems to have been deleted, but there is still plenty to enjoy.



    Positive balance and the BJ Penn argument

    Positive balance once was a prominent moderator in this forum. He had over 30.000 posts, something most of us can only dream about. He was also one of the biggest BJ Penn fans on this forum. Then one day he got into an argument with one of the posters about BJ Penn and became enraged and went full retard. He banned the user and Sherdog exploded. Because karma is a bitch Positive balance was then banned himself. It is unknown if he is still on Sherdog with a different account.

    The "pic of me and my boys up in Jersey" thread

    In 2006, Sherbro Marlboroman was hanging out with his friends right before UFC 56. With a pic like this more information is not needed. Classic thread with classic replies. Keep it guido.



    Got into a fight at Walmart

    In june 2007 Sherbro Doubled fought one of the most epic battles ever. Forget Robbie-Rory, forget Jones-Gustafsson.. a lot of things were going on:

    "So we are in line at Walmart today, and this guy bumps into my achillies tendon with his shopping cart. I turned around and this s.o.b. is laughing at me. Not even a sorry. I told him to go back to Mexico and go pick some peppers. He got mad and called me a hillbilly. I was going to touch him with my jab, but the shopping cart was shielding him from my line of fire, so I picked up a bag of Skittles and launched it at his face.

    He got out of the way, and the Skittles bounced off of this little girl's head. She started crying, and next thing I knew, this big black guy hits me over the head with a shovel. My son began to swing on him, and I got up and tackled the guy. I pulled down his pants and shoved a bag of skittles in his ass. Then I hit him in the cock with a pot of flowers.

    The mexican guy thought it was pretty funny, so I threw him inside of his shopping cart and pushed him into a cactus. I didn't even pay for the shirt. My son and I just headed for the door. This old white guy at the door who only had one arm tried to stop us. My son shook his hand and I touched him with the jab. He went down before I could even throw the right.

    As I was getting into the truck, this cop tried to put me in hand cuffs. I spun around twice and hit him with the deadly uppercut. My fourteen year old son started the pickup, so I jumped in the back and we sped home. It was a close one, but at least my son got a bigger shirt."


    Rickson by armbar

    At one point everything on Sherdog was Rickson by armbar. Every prediction of every fight was Rickson by armbar. The reason UFC bought Pride was Rickson by armbar. Chuck Liddell defeated Couture via Rickson by armbar. Rickson by armbar everywhere.

    Needs more birds

    I missed this meme, but since a lot of people said this thread needed more birds i gave this thread more birds. Also, the picture below needs more birds. We need more birds in general by the way. We all do.


    The Alessio Sakara apocalyptic thread

    On march 15, 2010, Sherdogger FStep (still active) decided it was a good idea to post te following on Sherdog about Alessio Sakara:

    "is his roman warrior mistique just raising his stock in the eyes of superior opponents and upper level management

    i'm not referring to whether you the sherdog poster buys into it offcourse, it's more in terms of his opponents and by upper level management i don't refer to dana, joe silva or even any high level promoters, the sponsorships are what drive these fighters to sweat in those black bags they always wear in the sauna, no chance can dana make someone do that, we as human beings are driven by the desire for wealth, social acceptance, and once we hit our mid 30s our legacy (i'm not quite sure of sakara's age). to me personally the latter would be meaningless as i do not buy into the afterlife aspect so who cares what people think after i'm gone but someone religious like fedor would for sure think otherwise which is why he trains so hard and i can't imaging anyone arguing the success of his labor, although i don't think sakara is anywhere near in the same boat

    but lets stay on topic, what makes Sakara the threat that he is even though his skill set may be lightyears behind him"

    When Sherdog pointed out his thread was pretty hard to understand he replied with:

    "READ THE POST!!! i can't stand it when people give replies that have nothing to do with the topic, what do you just wanna get your post count up, grow up bro"

    Even now, six years later, we have absolutely no idea if Allesio Sakara is apocalyptic.


    Kinda looks apocalyptic...

    Chael and Yushin's manly juices thread

    In 2011, KingKongwar made a thread with this picture and asked people to photoshoop it. Then the first reply came from Melvin88. It wasn't a photoshoop:

    "what you have there is an artful representation of ultimate manhood. I can almost smell the hard earned sweat on their bodies... licking it off and imbibing their manly juices whilst I softly caress their rock hard and sore muscles... playing with their toes and shit"

    The rest of the thread was barren of photoshoops, but filled with replies to Melvin 88's reaction. We did a great job there.



    Motivated BJ Penn

    Not all fighters have the same skillset at any given time. So before making threads about fighters, be clear about the version we are talking about. Some classics on this forum are:

    - Motivated BJ Penn
    - Chuck with that look in his eyes
    - Sealevel Cain
    - Prime Fedor
    - TRT Vitor
    - Horsemeat Overeem
    - Full camp Mendes
    - Serious Anderson
    - PRIDE Era Cro Cop
    - Healthy Shogun

    GF bought me an Ipad, then cheated on me

    Amazing thread about a guy who is certain his girlfriend is cheating on him. Doesn't want to break up yet though, since he gave her a $3000 ring and she also bought him an Ipad he didn't got from her yet. His plan is to wait until he gets the Ipad and his ring back and then break up with her. Not only is the opening post really funny, the comment section comes with some interesting advice that lasts over 50 pages.

    Yes, Sherdog is also there to give you advice when your girlfriend is cheating. Only learned about this one today and still reading.


    Red Bull Armor

    This is one of the classic threads from the time i just joined Sherdog (2007). Sherbro Snowbro decided it was a good idea to make a Halloween costume out of Red Bull plates. I've used the maximum of images in this thread, so you have to click to see it. A funny discussion ensues wether or not his costume is gay and wether or not other Sherbro's are assholes. 37 pages of fun :)


    This lizard

    Absolutely no idea why though. Blame the people in this thread.


    Besides these memes and classics the comment section is full of interesting threads and links. I can't add them all (also using the maximum ammount of images in 1 post), but enjoy browsing through them.

    Special mention to Wadtucket. He liked every post in this thread. That's about all he ever did on Sherdog.

    As always, English is not my native language. Sorry for all the f%ckups
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    That @Shane-O-Mac belt is pretty sweet.



    Made a selection out of all the suggestions in the previous thread (see the stickies) and came up with this. So here it is, the ULTIMATE List of Sherdog classics, memes and legends PART 2. Enjoy!

    The Ronda – Holly gif

    One of the most epic moments in MMA history was Holly Holm knocking out Ronda Rousey during UFC 193. At that moment Ronda was considered a 10/10 and a once in a lifetime athlete. That all went down the drain when the preachers daughter KO’d Ronda with a Michael Cro-Cop-esque left high kick. Even now the following gif (or original footage) is ALWAYS present in any Ronda Rousey thread. A truly glorious moment. As a fellow Sherbro pointed out: “Ronda’s loss united the world and we almost found a cure for cancer”

    Honorable mention: Sherbo Whippy McGee actually went full Nostradamus and predicted the correct outcome of the fights minutes before it started. Received tens of “Wasteland” and “Ban” replies, but is now considered a legit fortune teller:


    UFC Poster curse (debunked)

    A lot of long time Sherdoggers will remember the UFC poster curse. Zuffa released a poster of all the champions at that time. Legends say the poster was cursed since one by one everyone on the poster lost their title. Some by fighting, others due to reasons outside the octagon. It probably never occurred to us that in the end all champions will lose their title.

    The UFC poster curse was debunked on January 17th 2016 when Dominic Cruz retained the bantamweight title.


    My pic with Matt Hughes / Nosferatu

    Sherbro Nosferatu (now called uyokij_uykhgrk for reasons unknown) once met UFC legend Matt Hughes. He decided it was a good idea to post the picture on Sherdog. A roast was expected, but this thread really takes it to the next level. A must read for those who missed it. Nosferatu deleted the picture and changed his username, but the internet never forgets:


    Werdum troll face

    The Werdum troll face is so well known on Sherdog I hesitated to put him in the list, but it must be here for future MMA noobs who read this thread. At one point the Werdum trollface mask was even prohibited at UFC event.


    Werdum became even more a legend after making the cry baby gesture to the audience, front kicking Edmond Targaryan, getting ready to fight Browne’s entire team and holding back his own team who wanted to do the same.


    Overeem, Ubereem, Econoreem

    The Netherlands have had their fair share of good fighters, but the best three are without a doubt Alistair Overeem, Alistair Ubereen and Alistair Econoreem. We have no idea which Dutch fighter named Alistair will show up next, probably depends on the availability of horsemeat here in Holland.

    Fun fact: Alistair used to have the nickname “The demolition man”, but changed that to “The Reem”, and yes we Sherbro’s made that name up. That is probably our biggest accomplishment ever.


    MMA Pool party

    One of the first truly epic photoshops that led to the tradition of high quality shoop threads on Sherdog. Also see the first Sherdog classics thread for some of the best of them.


    Darude Sandstorm (actually NOT a Sherdog meme)

    A lot of Sherbro’s actually think the Darude Sandstorm meme (if you don’t know it, learn how to internet) has his origins in Sherdog because people kept asking what the Wanderlei walkout song was. This is debunked though. The meme originated in 2007 when YouTuber Gamestream uploaded a COD4 gameplay video with Sandstorm in the background. The video gained over 7600 comments and hundreds of them asking what the song was. So even though we create a LOT of memes… this one is not one of ours.

    Explosive Bethe

    One of the most iconic gifs that still bring a smile to most Sherbro’s even after seeing it for the 253235th time. So just to make you guys smile here it is again:


    Threads about Conor

    We had threads about Fedor, about Jon Jones, about Ronda… but there has never been a fighter who had more threads than Conor. I don’t expect any fighter to surpass him in the future either. You want some examples of Conor/Connor/Coner threads? Here you go: http://forums.sherdog.com/forums/ufc-discussion.2/

    Gay Jesus

    The bible can be somewhat confusing at times. On the one hand we shall not kill, on the other hand god kills the whole world except some Jewish guy with a boat and a zoo. Another thing is homosexuality. It is forbidden, but at the same time.. what if Jesus was actually gay himself? Thank god we have Joel Romeiro to shine some light on this debate:

    “What happened to you USA? What happened to you? What is going on? You forget for the best of the best of the world. The name is Jesus Cry. What happened to you? What come USA? (inaudible) Go for Jesus! No for gay Jesus people!”

    Well that settles it I guess.

    Joe Rogan is turning into a frog

    Yeah you probably have to be a pothead to enjoy this one.. if not you can skip this one. Seriously.


    Dana the clown

    We all hate Dana White, but we all also love Dana White. From the greatest news ever’s that turnout to be UFC hot dog burners to the Ronda can beat Mayweather quotes, from the fucking illegal to the you wanna be a fighter speeches and from the Reebok is great for the fighters quote to the you goof/dummy meme. Dana is a character. There is a reason why Dana the clown is one of the most used images on Sherdog. Because it’s true.


    Additional stick figure shirts

    As if the original Reebok fight kits weren’t bad enough, for some reason Reebok decided it would be a great idea to make even worse looking shirts with stick figures on it. The shirts all have a traditional martial arts theme (jiu-jistsu, karate, muay thai etc.), which is kinda limited if you think about it. Luckily we have Sherdog and photoshop to extend the collection a little bit. Below is just one of the gems, this thread is full of pure gold.


    The white belt uprising

    Even long time Sherbro’s might not remember this one, but it was pretty epic. At one point in time (all remains have been deleted so I have no idea what year it was), tens of white belts took part in what now is known as “the white belt uprising”. In the span of only a few days they decided to protest against the strict Sherdog rules regarding mostly porn. They commited e-suicide by flooding Sherdog with obscene pictures of mainly naked men. Even some long term users took part and they all lost their accounts.

    If you want to know how Sherdog looked like those days please click the following link:


    The time Phil Baroni went on Sherdog

    When a Sherbro meets a fighter in real life it is kinda mandatory to post it on Sherdog. So did Sherdogger “Strikes Again” some years ago when he met Phil Baroni. It turned out he actually did meet him and the proof of that came from Phil Baroni himself via a post on Sherdog. The account turned out to be legit. It was one of the most epic post on Sherdog from the best evah.

    Im 5'9 1/2 to be exact.

    Funny Note: The guy in the pic Im with stands on his tippy toes when taking pic's. This way he can look big an bash on fighters about how small fighters look next to him.

    He also has very small hands.

    I think he was upset when I met his girl friend who was taking the picture. She said ( My GOD your hands are so big.) after we shook hands. Whatever that is suppose to mean or imply Im not sure.

    A fighter did get
    bloodall over my suit that I just bought for the event. No I was not annoyed, yes I triend to get it out.
    Does anyone else find it a little creepy that a guy with a Mo Hawk an lust filled eyes was starring at me for fifteen minutes after I signed two things for him an took a picture with him ?

    Strikes Again look alot taller in
    picsthan in person. An also alot bigger. I thought you were at max 160 lbs.

    I just spoke to Kang an forwarded the thread to him. He said try a little trident or even a tic tac or two next
    timeyou approach somebody an maybe just maybe they will have more time tochatwith you.

    Funny Note: I had the sniffles so I couldnt smell anything.

    Well anyway nice meeting you Strikes Again an shaking you girlfriends hand. It was a pleasure. I had a great time in Canada I was treated great the city was very nice the fans were all very cool. I look forward to a return visit.


    Phil B””

    Ronda's boxing

    Even though Ronda was a pure grappler at one point in time, Edmond Targaryan, one of the GOAT's just like Muhammed Ali, learned her how to be a very technical boxer. Alongside the first classic in this thread we also have this gem:


    Bonus: for those who don't know who Edmond Targaryan is, here is the Edmond Targaryan appreciation thread:


    Todd Duffee eating a burrito while on Sherdog

    Phil Baroni is not the only fighter to visit Sherdog from time to time. Here is a picture of Todd Duffee eating a burrito while bein a Sherbro. Nothing more to it actually.


    Fedor’s Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory

    Fedor Emelianenko is one of the GOAT candidates for sure (those debates are a Sherdog classic on it’s own), but would he have been as succesfull without his Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory? Most people doubt it.

    "I cannot understand actually why this sweater became that famous and there is no famous sweater actually because that's my wear, that's my manner," Fedor said through a translator. "I take the thing and I wear it until it becomes really very old. And I know this sweater became really very old."

    Just a few months after this interview it turned out that the GSOAV had retired. Fedor says he doesn't know where it currently is but thinks it could be somewhere in his home in Stary Oskol, Russia.


    Why the Dutch are the Dutch

    One of the best troll threads from one of the best posters on Sherdog. He explains why the Dutch can be as big as Alistair Overeem (in the Ubereem era). He also explains how the hamburger (a traditional Dutch dish) originated and how adopting Dutch genes can actually make anyone in the world stronger. Even though the trolling is obvious, it took a while for most people to realise it was. It became an epic discussion about race, genes, the Dutch and steroids.



    Most oldschool Sherbro’s will remember TwerkNasty. Where guys like KOfinger just post 10 threads everyday this guy took a more subtle approach by just posting this picture in EVERY thread on Sherdog. For those who missed it it might look like a minor thing, but they cannot comprehend how it is to see this picture EVERYWHERE, ALWAYS in EVERY thread. A true Sherdog legend without a doubt.


    The Shoop that Silva thread

    One of the better Shoop threads. Not only because the shoops are great, but also because of the ethic discussion inside the thread and even modwars over the question wether or not it should be in the heavies.

    Warning: it shows Silva’s broken leg about 800 times.


    My wife met Cain Velasquez

    One day fellow Sherbro Flying Burrito thought it was a good idea to post a picture of his wife and Cain Velasquez. I think we could all predict what would happen, but for some reason Flying Burrito didn’t. The original thread has been lost sadly enough, but there is still this video on youtube with some of the best shoops in that thread. It is unknown if Flying Burrito and his wife are still together.

    Dan Henderson as nightrider gif

    Back in the days most gifs were just some pictures added together. Then came the option to put faces into videos. One of the first (and still best ones) on Sherdog came after Henderson KO’s Bisping. Well.. that’s all I can say about it I guess. Classic Sherdog gif.


    Sherdog and beautifulpeople.com

    Some time ago Sherdog discovered beautifulpeople.com. A datingsite that only allowed beautiful people. The site actually calculates wether or not someone is beautiful, so Sherdog went full retard and admitted basically every MMA fighter known to man. Those who remember still know how epic that was. The original thread doesn’t exist anymore, but we still have this “score” for Sexyama, confirming we are not gay for thinking he is sexy.


    Hammerfist of doom

    Easily the most brutal KO in the history of the sport, obvious Sherdog classic.


    Hassy and Mark Hunt

    We all like (pre salty) Mark Hunt. But few can match Hassy “XJP” Nishikawa. The Japanese fan went to lengths to meet Mark Hunt and made some of the most disturbing drawings ever made. On Hunt’s Facebookpage he wrote this message:

    Dear HUNT

    At first, thanks for ur greatful fight wiz Bigfoot.
    I was very excited. HUNT, u’re real Superman.

    But, I knew from ur tweet…u’re broken hand.
    I’m very worried. Can I watch ur bravely fight on “Giant Killing 3″…?
    And, Can I meet u again…? I’m lookin’ forward to u come back to JPN.

    Boku wa, HUNT ni sugoku aitai(I want to meet u very much)…

    HASSY “XJP” Nishikawa”


    A lot of famous people would’ve been intimidated by this borderline gay stalker, but Hunt is Hunt and actually went to visit Hassy when he was in Japan. Just google “Hassy Hunt” for some of his amazing artwork.

    Epic moment when Hassy and Hunt finally met

    Teh Hawtness

    Before we all started masturbating on Sexyama, we had Teh Hawtness (Yoshihiro Takayama). Know to take more punishment than the whole UFC roster combined (tied with Don Frye, look up their fight on youtube) and having the most sexy haircut in MMA until today. The Hawtness is one of the oldest classics on Sherdog.


    The time that Bas Rutten en Jason Delucia got into an argument on Sherdog

    Yep, that really happened in 2004. Was comepletely new to me, but one of the most epic things that have ever occured on Sherdog. I bet most of you have no idea. Enjoy:


    BJ Nodding gif


    Yeah well… this is the BJ Nodding gif. You can basically use it in any situation at any time at any place. Just find a thread with 0 responses, be quick and post it, and receive likes. Really. Try it.
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    Uber TS went off forever I still have shoops saved


    And you forgot the birds man that shit was huge too
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    Hammurabi Sun Tzu threads are always good for humor.
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    Great thread! Only it needs moar touching with jab.
  15. Tomasz79

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    Paul Harris, Gus Davidson?
  16. Baba Ghanoush

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    Sep 6, 2014
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    There's a serious lack of birds in this thread. Needs more birds.
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  17. Tomasz79

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    hes eteng an sald
  18. Uber_Noober

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    Uber thread indeed, your English is better than most sherbro's living in the America of the US.
  19. Stolpeman

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  20. Uber KO

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    Oi oi Chop chop.

    Looks like seppo's gonna seppo.
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